The Right Exercises For a Flat Stomach – You’ve Been Doing it All Wrong

Do you want to know what the right exercises for a flat stomach really are? Do you also want to know why the exercises you have been doing are all wrong? Then read on because I am going to tell you the truth about getting a flat stomach and what you need to be doing to get there.

First of all stop doing crunches and sit-ups. They are not the right exercises for a flat stomach. Although they will strengthen your abs, they will not remove the layer of fat that is hiding your abs underneath. Forget everything you’ve been told about how to get tight abs and listen.

The only way you will ever see your abs is if you remove the layer of fat that is hiding them. In order to do that you need to know what the right exercises are and what foods you should be eating. This is why doing ab workouts don’t leave you looking the way you thought you’d look and why the wrong diet will work against you.

So what are the right exercises for a flat stomach? Here’s what you should be doing. The only way to burn enough fat and calories and boost your metabolism is to do multi-joint exercises and full body workouts. Why spend countless hours doing wimpy exercise routines when you could do highly effective full body workouts that will burn more of the fat you need to get rid of, in less time.

Multi-joint exercises are those that use more than one joint to make a movement such as those found in natural day to day activities. Good examples of some exercises would be: lunges, squats, bench presses, leg press and chin ups to name a few. These types of exercises are highly effective at burning fat and building muscle.

If you stick with these types of exercises and abandon the ab only workouts you will quickly see results and the flat stomach you crave. The ab workouts will leave you with strong abs which in turn is good for your back, but will not enable you to lose the belly fat.

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