When seeking out ways to get that perfectly flat tummy the options seem to be endless as there seems an never ending list of exercises to lose stomach fat.There is a variety of speciality machines designed specifically for the abdomen and a multitude of that require no equipment, only a flat place to lie down and the gung-ho to stick to the routine.Some abdominal exercises work entire groups of muscles, such as those performed in Pilates routines and others that are specific to the abdomen. Still other exercises to lost stomach fat are designed for other areas of the body and yet the stomach area benefits as well.With almost every exercise routine, the most basic movements often give the greatest results and are building blocks for other exercises. The crunch is one of these exercises. Most people feel the crunch is preferable to the sit-up because there is less exertion to the back.A crunch is easy to do and requires no special equipment. You may need a cushioned mat if the floor is too hard. Lie on the floor and lift the upper torso off the floor a few inches. Only move far enough to feel a pull on the abdominal muscles. Be sure to use your stomach muscles to do the lifting, not your arms or neck. One important thing to remember when doing crunches to burn stomach fat is to keep the body properly aligned. The head should never be lifted higher than the back or shoulders.The crunch can be altered to work the stomach’s side muscles or obliques, also known as ‘love handles’. Perform the crunch in the same manner as describe with the exception being that the body is twisted toward one side on the way up.You can learn the correct techniques by following on-line videos or illustrations perform by professional trainers.In addition to working the middle of the stomach and the sides of the stomach using crunches and side crunches, individuals should add exercises that focus on the entire abdominal area, including the upper and lower abs.Abdominal routines that focus solely on the middle section will ultimately yield less than desired results.There are all kinds of fitness routines that will help burn stomach fat and ultimately lead to a firm, flat stomach. Look at the library and local book stores for DVDs or video tapes demonstrating exercises to lose stomach fat. You may also find these videos online or at a local fitness club.Since there is such a wide variety of exercises to that will help you flatten your abs and burn stomach fat, it might be hard to determine which ones are best. In this case it’s best to try a variety of exercises. If the exercises seem to be working, add these to your workout routine.Some people may be better suited for one exercise than other people. Not all exercises are one size fits all.If a movement is too painful or difficult, look for another one that can be added to the routine. Don’t continue to struggle with an exercise that is uncomfortable. Keep in mind that everyone is not equal when it comes to exercise and stamina, not everyone is the same in terms of fitness.There are some exercises that have more benefits than others, but no exercise has benefits if not done correctly and consistently.Create a routine that will be done on a regular basis over a period of time in order to get that flat stomach that is so desired.Exercises that are hard, take too much time or require bulky or expensive exercise equipment are not worthwhile and may become a path to disaster.There are a number of guides on the Internet that provide some good exercises to lose stomach fat, increase the metabolism, and improve overall fitness. You can learn a great deal more here: How to Get 6 Pack abs.I always recommend that you study reviews of the best online guides available to find a fat burning guide that meets your needs. Here is a review of what I think is the best fat burning program: full review of Burn the Fat Feed The Muscle.